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Sanitary and Storm Sewer Investigations

All facilities that discharge process related contaminants to the sanitary and/or storm sewer are required to show compliance with local by-laws to ensure the effluent discharges meet all applicable contaminant concentration limits.
In general terms the discharge of any contaminant into the sanitary sewer, combined sewer, municipal or private sewer connection to any sanitary sewer or combined sewer is prohibited in circumstances where the discharge may cause a health or safety hazard, cause an offence under the Ontario Water Resources Act or the Environmental Protection Act, interfere with the operation or maintenance of the sewage works, cause an offensive odour, cause damage to the sewage works or cause an exceedance of the applicable sewer use by-law limits.
In some cases, discharges to the sanitary and/or the storm sewer is permitted if a permit is obtained from the local municpalities and/or the Ontario Ministry of the Enironment.

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