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Environmental Risk Assessments - Pollutech Environmental Consultants Ontario Canada
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Environmental Risk Assessments

With the increasing concern for environmental protection and the costs associated with pollution abatement and cleanup, a large number of industries wish to evaluate the environmental consequences of a new or expanded operation prior to start-up. Unlike the "environmental audit" which establishes existing conditions, the "risk assessment" evaluates planned processes prior to implementation. This enables the client to allocate costs to the manufacturing process and risks to any environmental liabilities.

Environmental risk assessments generally involve input from several categories. For example, a new facility may be planned to increase plant capacity, but what about the "environmental risk" of that expansion?

The Risk Assessment typically includes the following:

  • Evaluation of increased hydraulic and contaminant loads to the sanitary sewer system (must have sewer connect permit);
  • Atmospheric emissions which could impact on worker health and safety, or ambient discharges regulated by the MOE (must have "Certificate of Approval", as per the Environmental Protection Act);
  • Control of chemicals used in the process, as per WHMIS protocols;
  • Waste liquids and solids disposal as controlled by Regulation 347, or equivalent; and
  • Aqueous emissions to the natural environment and applicable "Certificates of Approval", as required by the Environmental Protection Act.

In all evaluations, whether it be a unit operation or a new facility, attention must be paid to the need for the change, what controls can be used to minimize costs (i.e. product recovery) and what residual risks remain. This information can then be used by management in the evaluation of the project. Specification of control technologies allow for establishment of an "environmental cost" to the project.  This is an important "first step" in the planning for environmental impairment insurance at a facility.  Most importantly, remember the news stories about the plants that did not undertake a risk assessment.

Some examples of Pollutech's Experience with Environmental Risk Assessments are shown below: 

  • Review of metal plating operations for a major O.E.M. supplier to establish environmental, health and financial considerations;
  • Consultation for a major printing house to define risks and costs associated with modernization and relocation of the print shop;
  • Establishment of effluent quality considerations for the relocation of metal finishing operations to municipalities with varying sewer use by-laws;
  • On-site sampling for ambient air quality associated with food production facilities in the fast-food industry;
  • Pollution abatement needs to satisfy citizens' environmental groups;
  • Evaluation of a cyanide destruct system for industrial waste applications in a residential area.

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