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EMS & 2nd Party Pre-Certification Audits - Pollutech Environmental Consultants Ontario Canada
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EMS & 2nd Party Pre-Certification Audits

The Environmental Management System 2nd party pre-certification audit is a useful tool in evaluating if a facility is prepared for ISO 14000 Certification or if further corrective actions are required. The two types of pre-certification audits that can be conducted are desktop audits and site audits. A desktop audit focuses primarily on the implementation of the ISO 14000 standard with limited access to records. The site audit is an abbreviated version of the ISO 14000 Certification Audit. Employees are interviewed and evidence is gathered to identify any potential non-conformances. This audit is more in depth but will reflect what you will encounter during the actual Certification Audit.

Prior to conducting an ISO 14000 Certification Audit, the following should have taken place:
  • The documented system has been reviewed by your ISO 14000 Registrar;
  • A complete cycle of internal audits has been performed and the results covered during a formal management review;
  • All identified weaknesses in the EMS have been corrected;
  • The certification assessment date, audit team makeup, and audit schedule have all been developed and agreed upon.
Pollutech has assisted many facilities in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors achieve there goal of ISO 14000 Certification.
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