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Climate Change/Greenhouse Gas Management - Pollutech Environmental Consultants Ontario Canada
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Climate Change/Greenhouse Gas Management

Pollutech Environmental Consultants have taken a leading role in Canada and Internationally on matters related to Climate Change, Green House Gas Emissions, Global Warming, and Carbon Credits Trading. All of these projects relate to the overall interaction of sustainable development through the interaction of environmental and energy management. Pollutech staff take pride in their ability to take a complex issue and present it in a manner that is understandable to the national and international client base, allowing for the integration of climate change initiatives with ongoing industrial projects. Examples of the leading role that Pollutech staff are taking include:

  • Evaluation of new technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through gasification or pyrohydrolysis of organic feedstocks to produce biofuels;
  • Laboratory scale testing and pilot scale demonstrations of existing technologies to produce methane via anaerobic digestion of industrial waste streams;
  • An ecosystem approach to managing natural resources to maximize carbon sinks for CO2 adsorption back into the system; and
  • Integration of the various technologies with sound financial planning to ensure that all available carbon credits are made available to the client.

Understanding the many climate change initiatives requires a thorough review and understanding of the founding Kyoto Protocol, the ongoing COP 1 to COP 6 international program development meetings, and the various Canadian programs such as TEAM (Technology Early Action Measures), CDM/JI (Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation); and the funding available through TPC, CCDF and the World Bank and United Nations carbon funds.

In addition to investigative programs, Pollutech's specialists routinely interact with the process engineering group to demonstrate how climate change interacts with environmental measures to produce technically sound cost effective projects. Typically the Green House Gas emission evaluations includes projects to review alternate disposal routes for organic waste material and the means to produce energy from wastes, with or without fuel storage. Pollutech's consultants can demonstrate how the client can optimize their programs to produce the maximum financial return from the brokerage of the carbon credits.

Typical examples of Pollutech's GHG emissions experience include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Investigation of waste water discharges from a large Central American distillery operation to determine the suitability of converting waste organics (molasses distillation residues) to methane gas to replace bunker fuel sources;
  • Financial analysis of recovery options for carbon dioxide produced from large scale fermentation systems as a means to reduce CO2 emissions from industrial alcohol plants;
  • Production of biofuels from organic waste products and raw materials (sugar can bagasse, sugar cane trash, eucalyptus, wood waste, corn stalks, etc.) using pyrohydrolysis or gasification;
  • Acid hydrolysis of organic substrates to produce commercially viable by-products from the application of pentose fermenting yeast;
  • Availability of carbon sinks in the natural environment from expanded forestry operations in tropical and sub-tropical environments (i.e. teak and mahogany hardwood forest development);
  • Integration of international GHG programs with the Canadian CDM/JI process to prepare for the sale of carbon credits on the international market, using Canadian funding programs from CIDA (TEAM, TPC, CCCDF);
  • Development of auditing programs for GHG baseline emission evaluations and GHG technology verification, in association with Environment Canada programs and the Canadian Environmental Auditing Association;
  • Marketing programs to identify potential users in Canada of carbon credits developed by Pollutech projects in the Latin America.

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