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Mussel Monitoring & Control Evaluations

Pollutech has been providing Dreissena spp. (zebra mussel and quagga mussel) monitoringservices since 1989. Pollutech can design and implement a complete monitoring program to meet the needs of your facility. Highlights of our proven techniques are as described below.

Pollutech personnel routinely collect or receive plankton samples to examine them microscopically for mussel larvae (i.e., veligers). Veliger monitoring is completed to: 

  • Determining the onset of mussel reproduction;
  • Determining densities and seasonal trends in population dynamics;
  • Estimating growth rates;Determining periods of mussel settlement and infestation;
  • Determining ongoing chlorination treatment effectiveness for veliger mortality.

Pollutech personnel routinely use the "biobox" flow-through design with substrates to assess locations for mussel settle and infestation. Substrates are retrieved and examined visually and/or microscopically for settled mussel forms. 

  • Bioboxes and substrates are used to determine the presence of settled forms;
  • Sites are strategically chosen within a facility to monitor intakes and "on-site" service water locations.

If control systems are in place it is critical to know if they are adequate and effective for mussel infestation control. Procedures have been developed for measuring the efficacy of the implemented control measure in preventing the settlement of veligers and the elimination of adults. Successful procedures include: 

  • Designing and measuring percent kills; 
  • In-situ mussel toxicity tests have been designed that are very effective in evaluating the success of intermittent and continuous chlorination procedures or for assessing theeffectivenessof alternative control strategies.

Other related Dreissend spp. mussel services: 

  • Underwater dive inspections;
  • Investigating drinking water taste and odour problems;
  • Determination of process parameters for chlorination/dechlorination control programs;
  • Pollutech has been routinely requested to provide third party evaluations of alternative control technologies use of ultrasonics and coatings;
  • In addition, Pollutech was contracted by the Canadian Coast Guard in the early 90s to provide expertise on the control of exotic invasive aquatic organisms, like the Dreissenid mussel, entering Canada via shipboard ballast waters.

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