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Water/Wastewater Process Design

Pollutech's experienced and capable team of engineers and technologists can undertake any problem related to liquid waste treatment, including treatment process design work for both industrial and municipal effluents, taking a project from initial conceptual stages and providing guidance to those implementing the process design and construction phase. Pollutech has been involved in a number of national and international projects to finalize implementation of industrial treatment plants, including necessary arrangements for equipment supply, detailed engineering, tendering and financing.

wastewater treatment plant

The following list of services are available to support our clients:
  • in-plant sewer sampling and flow measurement to characterize waste loadings;
  • identification of water to materials conservation, re-use, and segregation schemes to reduce discharges;
  • conceptual design of alternate treatment systems;
  • laboratory treatability studies to evaluate alternate treatment processes and select the optimum process design parameters;
  • on-site pilot plant studies to confirm the process design under actual conditions;
  • laboratory and pilot evaluations of associated sludge by-products;
  • preparation of system operating manuals;
  • english language logic steps for control systems;
  • project management; and
  • start-up and de-bugging of the treatment systems.
Over the past decade Pollutech has found one of our major demands to be in the area of "fine-tuning" or "performance upgrading" of existing waste treatment facilities. Pollutech has established an excellent reputation in this field, and has proven on several occasions that an expenditure for "fine-tuning" can easily result in cost savings that exceed professional fees by over three hundred percent. On several occasions the studies have demonstrated that through the utilization of these services, it is possible to significantly reduce or postpone treatment plant expansions, both in industry and municipal services.

Typical examples of Pollutech's effluent treatment experience include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • In-plant sewer surveys, laboratory and pilot treatability studies and process design of treatment systems for effluents from glue manufacturing, barley malting, starch production, potato processing, chicken processing and metal finishing industries;
  • Treatability studies on food processing wastes with evaluation of odour control techniques.  Process design of effluent treatment system incorporating odour control devices;
  • Start-up and debugging of full-scale oil removal and recovery system, preparation of operating manuals and training of plant personnel;
  • Investigation, retro-fitting and start-up of a waste treatment facility for a modern textile facility in the Maritime provinces, including plant operation, integrated with toxicity testing;
  • Treatability studies for physical-chemical and biological treatment of leachates from industrial and municipal landfill sites;
  • Treatability study of gas plant wastewaters.  Evaluation of inhibitory effects of heavy oils on the biological treatment process;
  • Treatability studies of organic chemical plant wastewater and colour pigment manufacturing wastes;
  • Full-scale evaluation of physical/chemical processes for the treatment of commercial laundry wastes;
  • Flow measurement, sampling, treatability and fish toxicity studies of storm water runoff from refinery property.  Treatability studies on contaminated refinery wastewater. Treatment system process design;
  • Troubleshooting of airport wastes from major Canadian International airports;
  • Process testing and design of biological waste treatment plant for paper mill starch wastes;
  • Total plant upgrading, design review, energy balance and environmental concerns for several 20 to 60 MIGD Regional sewage treatment plants;
  • Process design for a nitrification sewage treatment system.  Retrofit nitrification studies for existing plants;
  • Investigation of sludge bulking problems from trace organics in a conventional waste treatment plant;
  • International effluent treatment systems in Korea, Hong Kong, and Nicaragua in the tannery, textile and beverage industries.

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