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Ambient Water, Sediment and Biological Quality Assessments

Pollutech has considerable experience in many aspects of aquatic assessments including completion of detailed water, sediment and biological quality assessments. This work has involved both routine survey investigations, completion of various laboratory toxicity tests using collected environmental samples and the development of monitoring programs customized to suit specific problems and requests. Examples of monitoring programs and services provided are summarized, but not limited to, the following:

  • Benthic macroinvertebrate surveys and fish inventories to establish existing biological communities;
  • Aquatic sediment chemical and biological (i.e., toxicity & benthic community) assessments to establish baseline and/or delineate impacted conditions;
  • "In-situ" fish cage studies for assessment of water and sediment quality impacts;
  • Long-term fish toxicity evaluations for both lethal and sublethal effects using such species as rainbow trout and fathead minnows;
  • Invertebrate toxicity evaluations for both lethal and sublethal effects using such species as Daphnids, Ceriodaphnia, Algae, Amphipods, Mayflies, Tubifex tubifex and Microtox;
  • Measurement of taste and odour accumulation in fish flesh to establish potential impact and/or change in quality of effluent discharges;
  • Completion of ongoing water quality monitoring programs using online, grab sample and/or remote monitoring equipment to assess potential impacts of in-water activities including dredging, ship dock repairs, outfall construction activities, contaminant spill events and effluent discharges on surrounding and/or downstream water quality;
  • Measurement of the bioaccumulation of toxic substances in various endemic biological communities;
  • Contaminant assessment of water, sediment, vegetation and biota for completion of site-specific ecological risk assessments;
  • Vibracorer sediment quality assessment surveys;
  • Detailed bathometry surveys  
  • Commercial diving assessments of fish habitat conditions, fish behaviour assessments, mussel and algal/aquatic plant distributions and for the collection of environmental samples.
Pollutech's water and sediment assessment services generally form an integral part of monitoring programs for environmental assessments and site specific ecological risk assessments.

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