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Chemical Toxicity Testing Services

Using appropriate organisms, the toxicity of an environmental sample, a chemical in the sample, or the chemical alone, can be assessed in water, soil or sediment matrices. With our wide experience in toxicity testing in various matrices, Pollutech can design and implement a customized evaluation of the risks for your site.

Scenarios of chemicals stored or passing through your facility, considered in the context of the surrounding landscape (streams, marsh and fields) will be incorporated into a site-specific, comprehensive evaluation.
Pollutech has extensive experience testing surface water, ground water, effluent, receiving water, pilot plant effluent, salt water and fresh water. Examination of effects on organisms from various levels in the food chain can give a more complete picture for potential environmental impact. Pollutech conducts aquatic toxicity tests with single and multiple-celled plants, as well as invertebrate and vertebrate species.
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