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Vessel Support Services - Pollutech Environmental Consultants Ontario Canada
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Vessel Support Services


The command vessel of the Pollutech's fleet is DragonLady a transportable 28-foot steel hull vessel powered by a 260 Hp Turbo Volvo Penta diesel marine engine with auxiliary 20 Hp outboard. The vessel has unlimited applications and is equipped with a global positioning system plotter and depth sounder, side scan sonar attachments and benthic sample storage and processing facilities. DragonLady is also equipped with an integrated high pressure air delivery system for commercial and environmental diving operations, expanding the vessels versatility.

PEQL 811

The 37-foot landing craft PEQL 811 is the workhorse of the fleet. It is powered by twin Volvo Penta diesel marine engines and is equipped with a loading ramp and 1,200 lb.- capacity crane. Vessel applications is unlimited and is equipped with a global positioning system, plotter and depth sounder system. The vessel serves a variety of functions, such as a stationary work platform, a stage for diving activities, a primary collection point for on water work activities, an inspections survey base, a transport for spill response equipment installation and removal, commercial & environmental dive support vessel, and as a research station for environmental metering, monitoring and/or sampling equipment.

Both vessel are Transport Canada registered and inspected as per Canadian Shipping Act regulations.  Operators and crew having training in MED A3, Marine First Aid, Restricted Radio Operator, Small Vessel Operator Proficiency Certificate and/or Master Limited Operator Certificate. 

Pollutech also maintains several skiffs used in support of on water work activities, sampling programs and surveys.

Examples of services provided are as follows:
  • Commercial or environmental diving support vessels;
  • Environmental sampling;
  • Fish habitat construction;
  • Completion of detailed bathymetry or side scan surveys;
  • Emergency response support services;
  • Transport of equipment and materials to remote work areas;
  • Support of on water construction activities;
  • Sediment core sampling.
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 DragonLady                                      PEQL 811                                        Various Skiffs

DragonLady          PEQL 811          Fish Mix Depolyment

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