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Commercial & Contaminated Diving Services - Pollutech Environmental Consultants Ontario Canada
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Commercial & Contaminated Diving Services

Serving Canadian and international clients, Pollutech has developed a solid reputation as a leader in industrial and environmental diving. Our service experience covers a variety of industrial facility projects, including inspections and repairs. Look to us as your sole service provider, or as part of a larger team managing land- and water-based assignments.


With over 70 years of combined diving experience, Pollutech EnviroQuatics’ dive team is one of the most versatile teams in the industry today. We offer a wide range of diving services: 

  • Underwater Cutting & Welding
  • Underwater Construction and Demolition Services
  • Light & Heavy Salvage
  • Re-floating Sunken Vessels & Salvage
  • Product Recovery
  • Emergency Response
  • Contaminated Diving
  • Underwater Inspection of Video
  • Fish Habitat and Ecological Surveys
  • Environmental Sampling
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