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Indoor Noise Testing - Pollutech Environmental Consultants Ontario Canada
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Indoor Noise Testing

Noise in the workplace can be a serious hazard that, if left unchecked, can cause permanent hearing loss, interfere with conversations, reduce productivity and contribute to workplace accidents and injuries. 


Pollutech’s personnel are experienced in conducting workplace noise assessments, including personal noise monitoring and area noise mapping in order to determine compliance with regulatory limits, identify sources of high noise and areas of concern, and evaluate the need for, or effectiveness of, hearing protection and/or engineering controls.
On several occasions the monitoring team has been retained to conduct confidential Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health surveys. This is extremely important where management/labour interactions must not be impaired. Many programs are carried out on an annual "audit" basis to ensure the integrity of existing plant programs. An immediate response for the sampling of critical events has been utilized by several industries to ensure worker safety.

Whether it be long-term planning, or short-term monitoring, Pollutech has the experience and can develop a program customized to the client's needs. The study is precise, and the results are confidential.

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