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Soil Toxicity Testing Services

Soil toxicity test methods provide a method for assessing risk related to a number of applications summarized as follows:

  • Assessment of soil contaminated or potentially contaminated with a single or matrix of contaminants
  • Soils being considered for remediation or disposal
  • Determination of the effectiveness of soil remediation activities
  • Assessment of dredged soils targeted for disposal on land
  • Assessment of industrial or municipal sludges destined for application on land
  • Assessment of a chemical's ecological properties spiked into clean soil

Pollutech conducts acute and sublethal (i.e., growth, reproduction, avoidance) soil toxicity tests using several available species. Available species include using the earthworm Eisenia andrei and the simple insect, collembola or springtail Folsomia candida.

For special requests Pollutech also has the resources and experience in the completion of various terrestrial plant toxicity tests the measure emergence and growth.
Defining and understanding your exposures are critical first steps in managing your environmental risks.  Soil toxicity tests provides a valuable tool to define the exposure risk.  
 Earthworm Eisenia andrei          Earthworm Tests in Progress    Contaminated Soil Sampling 
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