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Whole Sediment Toxicity Testing Services

Pollutech's experts are intimately experienced with toxicity tests designed for testing mud, sludge, fresh or saltwater sediment as sampled in the environment, or spiked with chemicals of interest, using a range of vertebrate and invertebrate species that live and feed in or on sediments.
Sediment toxicity testing provides a direct method for determining the potential biological availability of anthropogenic materials contained within the sediment and is typically used in conjunction with chemical monitoring data and benthic macroinvertebrate community assessment. 
Pollutech has completed numerous aquatic sediment assessment studies that involve a triad or multi-faceted study approach that include bulk sediment chemical analysis, sediment toxicity assessment (i.e., lab and in situ), and benthic macroinvertebrate community analysis.  Recent studies have included the assessment of bioaccumulative potential using resident species and/or laboratory toxicity tests (i.e., fathead minnow).
Pollutech's experience includes the use various aquatic species for assessment of endpoint responses including survival, growth, reproduction and bioaccumulation potential on both whole sediments and/or porewater extractions. 
Typical species utilized include the following:
  • Amphipod - Hyalella azteca 
  • Midge - Chironomus tentans
  • Mayfly - Hexagenia limbata
  • Worm - Tublifex tublifex
  • Fathead Minnow - Pimephales promelas
  • Water Flea - Ceriodaphnia dubia
  • Water Flea - Daphnia magna
  • Luminescent Bacteria - Vibro fischeri  
Marine Amphiod Tests                  Midge & Hyalella azteca Tests       Hexagenia limbata larvae   
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